The Depth of Touch

Longing contains within itself a question and a restlessness for an answer. In the core of the human embodied existence, is the radical yearning to explore the fullness of a question that transcends personal individuation and roots personal responsibility. In this yearning a human being begins from the womb to form a personal engagement with the Real. Sensing inchoately the parameters of form nestled within the body of its mother, the shock of birth is an eruption of sensual overload that leads to the gentleness of resting in parental embrace. This psychosomatic structure of shock and embrace is at root too in the infinite variations of the narratives of each human life. There is in each embodied path an “original womb” of non-verbal and inchoate restlessness, which the shock of the rich tapestry of life and it’s many latent languages, actions, gestures, sufferings, commitments, failings, rejoicings, encounters with death and evil; cause a yearning that shockingly breaks beyond the bonds of time and searches for a comfort that cannot be grounded in the finite universe but must be birthed into eternity but simultaneously in the now. The sense of yearning is like a gnawing ache but also a frustration at the separation from resting in the state of a permanent embrace. For the God-man Jesus Christ, to utter the words “Abba” for God, was to affirm this primordial human desire to be fully acknowledged and received into a communion of love from “above”.  In Jesus Christ a fission of rebirth is made possible and longing finds an infinite source of consolation that dignifies the poverty of the searcher to be capable of radical chosen self-gift and belonging within temporal yearning; to begin a rebirth that is grounded in an infinite promise. To yearn therein is to sense individual limitation and hope for infinite consolation that is even now perceived, sensed and entered into: to wander in within an eternal present of a communion that extends beyond death and rather than steals from temporal life its capacity to be fulfilled, roots the daily present in a dignity that has a fulfilling sacred depth. In this way the depth of touch, is elevated in relation to our present depth of yearning for the One we wish to be united too, being called in the depths of ourselves, we acknowledge the Gift of all that is real and entering into this freedom of the given cosmos, our action yearns to participate in the Divine freedom’s outpouring from without, within and extending back towards the Real. Therein our embodied existence can be perfected from within, as the unity of body and soul is caught up in the infinite yearning of Christ who orientates our yearning to it’s true Object, the parental embrace of the Father beyond the shock and rupture of death and the wandering tributaries of individual paths. (Painting is my own, Jesus and Mary Magdalene)

Holy is the night,

When born from the depths of chaos,

Is the permanence of an overflowing radiance.

Submerged in my yearning I hear the voice

Crying out gnawing and aching


Holy is the night that the fission

Shock-bleak death is assumed and now

Elation at new birth and joy is possible

Now the present is coloured by

The outpouring of the glory to come

I stand in the depths of the night

Inchoately holding out my hands

Waiting for the One who can

Make my words and actions sacred fire…

My freedom is found in this holy night

Where all the stars are speaking from depths;

Their silence is my yearning

Their fiery core

The longing of my praise.

Though jetblack

The abyss is infused

By a chorus of pristine song.


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