Sails of gold

I wrote this poem in 2011. The sunflower has always been important to me as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ and of hope. I hope you enjoy this poem. The paintings and sketches and my own multi-medium works from a few years after the poem’s composition.

Your praise astounds me dear sunflower,

Of that Beauty who created you,

To be adored by gentle breeze,

Whose afternoon adventures I long unceasingly to join.

So as to hear once more that trembling speech of silent joy,

That trickles from the earth like hidden water,

Through winding verdant bastions feeding leafy plains;

The sandlike touch of which to passing hands, though fleetingly,

Gifts taste of that sublime communion known only to the tide of breeze.

As such I long to lose myself in you dear sunflower,

To nestle in your bulbous core,

Whose brimming harvest prophesied by sails of gold,

Wholly aches with unbridled delight.

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