Easter Bluebells

I went running and I saw some bluebells and for the remainder of the run I just tried to hold on to these poems that were emerging within me. Poetry is a mystery to me, it seems that poems are like beautiful memories that you discover are emerging within you but they also happen to you with the immediacy of an electric jolt within your fibres as your soul distils its secrets to you… this is the stream of poems that came to me today;

Quixotic blue,

Nimble elision,

Silvered wings,

Gilded gliding,

Drowning down,

Fiery core,

Azure ripple;

Permeate my being

Silent in the storm.

The bluebell fairy – DCD, 2019


Then as I continued running it occurred to me as the bluebells continued to drown the surrounding fringes of the forest that their silence reminded me of the Easter mystery;

O silence of Jesus before Pilate

Learnt from Joseph’s school and Mary’s gaze;

You are more ancient still

Than the birth of every galaxy.

Christ beaten by the Romans – DCD, 2012

Then as my run finished I remembered the ecstatic joy known to those who know Christ;

Mantled by creation,

Your fiery throne is ablaze,

As all creation converges

Upon your resurrected glory;

Time is dancing to the rhythm

Of your eternal tide

Breaking forth upon the sand of man’s existence.

Assumption – DCD, 2012

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