The Flow of Life

“Vi ho cercato. Ora sono venuti da me. Vi ringazio.”( April 2, 2005):

The last words spoken by Blessed John Paul II in his earthly life, to the young people who gathered in prayerful vigil in St Peter’s square as he lay on his deathbed)…

Reflections on his Beatification from Rome, a conversation at his coffin in the Vatican at night

 “I have looked for you and now you have come to me. I thank you.”

In the silence we embraced.

“I followed your gold-laced letters” my tears whispered back,

They called me from the grave to yours exclaiming

“Do not be afraid!”

“Embryo, most fragile creature,

In Love you hold the cosmos and its glory in your heart!”


“Even now the Beloved calls you into existence singing”:

The winter is passing, and saplings bud like jewels–

Share out your heart in the Gift you receive and we shall meet and kiss!

And thus I left him there that saint,

Amongst a sea of souls conversing,

His words arising in symphonies of confidence

As if to guide in phrases half-spoken and remembered those who came to him:

“Let your tears interpret and adorn you,

In the beauty of He whose Mercy knows all children most intimately

And delights in the poetry of each eyelash described from eternity,

That unfurling to dance is like a culture

Daring to be awakened in Him; becoming a Masterpiece”

The Flow of Life – 2011

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