She came with a lamb

… I followed the Light;
Now I’m blinded by sight (!)
What a paradox to be in,
When the dark gets you see-in’…

By the Feast of St Theresa;
I’ll have given to Caeser,
But also given to God
With the pain of my blood
(So expect an ark from this Flood…)

Love has called me
And I have been faithful;
Banishing wraith-rule
So awaits Spirit’s fool…

Call me me derided
But why have we elided,
And why from Above
Do we fit like a glove?

Where do you run to
If your drowning in love?
You sink to your knees
And nothing can appease…

You cry out and call
Remembering it all,
In the Mystical Present
Not time has passed;
 since we

At Communion
Our little fingers touched,
Nothing was rushed,
Exquisite delight,
At the pew by your side…

What does it mean to go on
When we are both alive under the sun…
One day you will be married to another instead
Do I lie alone in this bed seeking false bread?

Bread kneaded in tears
And sealed in weeping
At least I’m again sleeping…
But for what do I dream (?)
At the edge of my starlit-seam?

//If you’re at the liminal
Boundary where my yearning,
Remembers your touch burning;
Like a constant flame
(I bare your name)
I walk about lost and not found
Beyond your love blazing Holy ground…

The Fire-Bush is NOT out
The leaves not discarded
I try to brush them away
Gold-dappled they stay!

I say “enough is enough”
But I’m not even angry
At the edge of my trying
My love is undying.

Like a hidden little pix
Is the source of this Phoenix
Like the galaxies above
Outpours my love…

You are Cana eclipsed,
Veil now ripped,
You are darkened only now,
By reflected light on my lips.

… Which stand like a moon
Before a Bridal Canopy
The Bridegroom is holding her hips…
Darkness seems like kiss;
In that Present you are my Bliss.

So eclipse me I dare you …
Conceal all in darkness
Though my eyes see new
They see night come to bless…

The moon stands between us
The sun I still trust
Despite being dawnless
I don’t seem to mourn less

Mourning or morning (?)
The tides taking me down:
“Jonah’s clown.”

But Jonah was too Tobit,
Moon-tide did admit,
Raphael’s bane to his chains;
Bridal chamber now lit!

Sing Sarah sing!
Of your Beloved’s renown
No longer Jonah’s clown!

Sing Sarah sing
Of your Beloved a Victor
His sight though in darkness
Was unceasingly stricter!

Composing a balad
He asked for a salad
Getting meat instead
He retired to bed.

But what is life
Without everything at steak (?)
So Sir Loin shall I be… knighted…
uneclipsed if not slighted.

Dear friend I cry!
(Aptly griddled)
The BBQ’s
Left me riddled!

The Source of this sauce
Was such a force
I’m hoping she’ll ketchup
To Cause of my course.

I’m standing here with two buns
But the meat (?)
Seem’s still to bleat!
It’s run clean away!

Lamb! Lamb! I cry
Holding out my tongs
My condiments have
All been taken for wrongs

The prettiest of creatures
Has vexed all my features (!)
Now all in my room
Awaits that lamb face her doom…

So how about a vegetarian option?
Gastronomical concoction?
Lamb come sit down
Quit running around…

Then “I” thoroughly beaten
(Like an egg-tempora)
The Lamb said
I like your bread
Glaze me with your

…Presence… as well…
Not instead.

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