Immaculate Perception

What does it mean to see in the Transcendence of He who brought forth ex nihilo?
For Mary’s eyes
Are a window
Through which Transcendence
Eminently resounds
The Song of Symphony…
All of Being is now transfused with the
Logos’ harpists’ caress…
All is ablaze
In the furnaces of purification;
In this Middle Earth …

My weeping as
An army terrible with banners…
There unfurling
Presaging the Dawn;
In an innocence more daring than any blasphemy!

And so I gather my weeping
And stand before Galadriel’s gaze
Daring to ask for nothing and everything!
Whatever she would grant me…
Her eyes Pierce me
With the Knowledge of the Lance
That pierced Miram’s son
Yeshua’s heart.

[Artwork; Matt Livermore 2020 – “Tolkien Marian Consecration” for the Cause for the Canonisation of J. R. R. Tolkien]

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