Moses’mania and the hump

I fell off the camel!

Deep in the desert with nothing to drink

My tears have been gathering 


And the stars seemed connected


Now I yearn for something

beyond this knowledge.

My father once told me

“Take up your staff to do now what is…  inconsolable”

I was vomited up then

Onto this new and barren coast

But not for nothing

Now new stars are my guide

… the stars of His Presence

In this desert

On this path

He says to me

“Did I not grant harbour to the wanderer

And plunge him into a New Ocean that thirsts?

Did I not unfetter the the cage-twisted and fill him with sonorous light?

Did I not gift to him who had nothing…”

Over this hump

I have been vomitted from the abyss:

“Do not let me die here in these sands!

Do not forget me who is dust!

I take one step more

Yearning for the Rhythm of Life…

“Sustain me, who has dared to see

In that which was a barren –

The Flaming Yoke –

The Ladder that truly connects –

The Consoler of the Barren

I fell of the hump…

Into the Thirst…

Delivered to the Dawn?


My father said to me


So I call out like a rock

Waiting to be struck…

Electric dream

Ancestral promise

Fruitful desert…?

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